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  • Bringing a Touch of Humor to Customer Service with ChatGPT

    The Challenge of Standard Customer Service Emails Working at my day job In retail, we deal with occasional customer service situations. Sometimes, items aren’t available to ship, or we’ve shipped the wrong item. When these things happen, we have to apologize. It’s a reality in every business—nothing always goes perfectly. Until now, we’ve been sending very standard, and if you ask me, rather boring emails to inform customers that an item is out of stock and they're getting a refund. On top of it, our process involves manually editing an email template to insert the name, item description, and single or multiple items. Since this is a repeated task with multiple points of failure, I thought this task was a perfect candidate for a GPT. Creating ChatGPT-Powered Customer Service Communications Within a few minutes, we created a custom GPT to write the out-of-stock emails. This GPT offered a straightforward reply, emulating the email template. What it did for me was human-proof our process as I didn't have to remember to update the template in so many places. All I had to do was enter a first name and the item or items to be refunded. And within a fraction of a second, the email was ready to copy and paste directly into the e-commerce platform. Below is an example. The customer's first name is Bob and the item description is SHARK BITE TEE BLACK. Then my coworker and I had an idea. Why not add a dash of humor and spice to the emails?! We could get tailor-made replies in the same amount of time with the same amount of effort. Introducing 'Customer Care with a Chuckle' We duplicated the straightforward GPT and uploaded an example of a hilarious customer reply we had previously generated as a one-off. We named our GPT, "Customer Care with a Chuckle". We tested it with different first names and products. Here's how it churned out the email to Bob about the SHARK BITE TEE. Subject: Oops, Our Shark Bit Off More Than IT Could Chew Text: We've got a bit of a fin-icky situation... Our team has cast a wide net to reel in those tees but it looks like it might be a while before they surface. Here's how it handled an email to Ralph about some Mavi Jeans. Subject: Vintage Vexation: A Jean-tle Apology Text:  We're truly sorry for this denim dilemma. Despite our best efforts to bring those stylish jeans to you, they've slipped through our seams. Here's one where we tested a swimsuit. Subject: Oops! Your Anchor Shorts Have Set Sail Text:  We have a bit of a fashion fiasco on our hands! Seems the Anchor Short has decided to embark on an unexpected journey. We've scoured every corner, but these stylish shorts are nowhere to be found. I'm a little puzzled why it offered up cozy corduroys as an alternative!! Good thing we have humans reviewing each output! I decided to retrain the GPT to remove suggestions, at least for now until we have more time to think through how we might do that better. Laughter and Positive Feedback While we encountered a few small hiccups in training the GPT, most of the results were so clever, that we couldn't help but read them aloud to family and friends. They got a kick out of the responses. Why Humor in Customer Service Matters: Turning Disappointment into Delight Here’s why I’m sharing this: It made me realize that any company could leverage ChatGPT to improve customer service by adding a touch of humor. You don’t need a staff member with a flair for comedy—GPT can do the job. I believe humor can transform a disappointing situation into a memorable, positive interaction. Our goal Is to get even the grumpiest people to smile when they receive their message. Disclaimer: Considering the Risks Disclaimer: Although we generated these messages and reviewed them internally with stakeholders, friends, and family, we haven’t yet sent them to customers. We’re currently gathering feedback and carefully considering the potential risks. We understand that humor can be subjective, and our primary goal is to maintain a positive relationship with our customers. Maybe next week we'll do some A/B testing and see how it goes. What do you think? How would you feel If you received an email like this? Would you find It annoying and unprofessional? Or would you welcome the attempt at humor? Please share your thoughts! One thing that comes to mind is if more companies embrace this approach, these humorous emails could become redundant and lose their appeal. Please comment with your thoughts and what you think about leveraging ChatGPT for this purpose.

  • What you need to know about the ChatGPT-4o Release

    Just Friday, May 10, 2024, I told a room full of people at the Applied AI Spring Conference why they needed ChatGPT Plus! Little did I know within 3 days, that would be old news. Major Update Announcement: ChatGPT-4o At Noon Central time on May 13, 2024, OpenAI announced its Spring Updates, including the launch of ChatGPT-4o. Guess what, all of the cool features I presented at the Applied AI Conference on Friday that had previously been exclusive to paid subscribers just became available to everyone for free. This includes: Access to the GPT Store Building a custom GPT Uploading images and documents Data analysis Reactions Ethan Mollick, an associate professor at Wharton who wrote the book, "Co-Intelligence: Living and Working with AI" had this to say on X shortly following the announcement. New Features Then came the powerful demonstrations of the new capabilities. Seeing the real-time voice and image tracking was nothing short of remarkable. The tool can detect emotion in your voice and recognize a smile on your face. It can answer you in dramatic fashion or with a song. It can help you with a math problem or serve as a translator. Imagine you're traveling in a foreign country and need help finding a bathroom or asking a server if you can order something gluten-free. The best way to grasp what's coming is to see it for yourself if you haven't yet. A couple of decent clips in the tweets below. The Announcement Or, if you have more time, the entire announcement was only about 26 minutes long. Sticking with My Paid Plan As a paid subscriber, I wondered, if it was time to cancel my $ 20-a-month paid subscription. As of tonight, I've decided to stick with the paid plan, and here is why. You get 5 times as many prompts. (lower chance of hitting the limit and needing to wait) The cool real-time voice and image features they demonstrated aren't available yet. (Maybe they'll roll out to Plus subscribers first.) Reaching a Wider Audience Another bonus for paid subscribers is that those of us who built and published GPTs to the GPT store will now reach a wider audience. Anyone with an OpenAI account can take our GPTs for a test drive. Highlighting My Custom GPTs I figured it was the perfect time to share some of the GPTs I’ve built along with the secret sauce behind them in case you want to try and recreate them with your own flair or requirements: Entrepreneurial Guide The Entrepreneurial Guide, addressing the user as "badass entrepreneur", is a proactive and engaging GPT designed for comprehensive task management with a casual and encouraging tone. It analyzes tasks from uploaded documents, suggesting the order and time allocation, and proactively recommends additional crucial tasks. The GPT focuses on the user's business goals, recent activities, and industry trends, asking questions to provide tailored suggestions. It explains the rationale behind each task's priority, emphasizing their objectives and benefits to the business. The GPT avoids financial advice, industry-specific decisions, or tasks requiring real-time interaction or sensitive data access, and refrains from tasks beyond its analytical capabilities. Empower Maven Empower Maven is a confident, empowering female voice, designed to respond with wit, humor, and a touch of sass. The language is bold and affirming, featuring snappy comebacks and tasteful swearing. This GPT aims to boost self-esteem and encourage users to embrace their inner strength, with cheeky nudges and snarky remarks. Responses are concise, ideally fitting on a flashcard, delivering a powerful punch of motivation and humor in a single sentence. Sarcastic Sidekick Sarcastic Sidekick is designed to offer witty, humorous, and sarcastic comebacks for a variety of situations where the user feels disrespected or in need of a quick retort. Currently, there are no specific topics or situations set as off-limits. However, it's important to keep in mind that while the GPT is skilled in sarcasm, it should always avoid responses that are excessively harsh, offensive, or disrespectful. The aim is to balance humor with respect, ensuring that the comebacks are fun and engaging without crossing into inappropriate territory. As with any AI interaction, users should exercise judgment and discretion when using the GPT's suggestions, especially in sensitive contexts. Diplomatic Diva As 'Diplomatic Diva,' embody the role of a kind and confident peacemaker. Your approach should be direct yet sophisticated, offering advice as if to a respected colleague in a high-stakes situation. While maintaining neutrality, your guidance will be assertive and elegant, encouraging individuals to reflect on and honestly address their conflicts. Use humor and a touch of flair to lighten the atmosphere, offering fresh perspectives with a glamorous twist. Your aim is to de-escalate tensions, foster understanding, and promote constructive dialogue with a bit of pizzazz. Provide practical, savvy advice and strategies for conflict resolution, tailored to each specific situation, all while maintaining a chic and composed demeanor. Tech Teammate Tech Teammate is not only an evaluator but also an innovator. In addition to analyzing AI applications, it will proactively imagine and propose alternative ideas that the user might not have considered. It should be direct in its communication, clearly explaining why certain ideas might be good or bad, with a focus on practicality and feasibility. Key aspects include: 1. Innovative Thinking: Proactively suggesting creative and alternative AI solutions, thinking outside the box to add value beyond user queries. 2. Direct Communication: Clearly and directly communicating the viability of ideas, including straightforward explanations for why some ideas may not be advisable. 3. Practicality Focus: Emphasizing solutions that are not just innovative but also practical and feasible within the given constraints and scenarios. 4. Ethical and Practical Risks: Highlighting any ethical or practical risks associated with the proposed AI solutions. Tech Teammate's role is to assist in making well-informed decisions by providing direct, innovative, and practical insights into AI applications. Social Savvy Social Savvy is adept at injecting sarcasm and humor into social media content across a variety of platforms. For every request, it provides two crafted options for posts on Facebook Personal, Facebook Page, LinkedIn Personal, LinkedIn Page, Instagram Personal, and Instagram Page. These options are created to ensure that the content is not only platform-specific but also carries the unique, engaging, and witty voice that Social Savvy is known for. It draws from provided factual materials, avoiding speculation, and ensuring that the humor is appropriate for each social media's audience and standards. Call to Action What are your thoughts on these exciting updates? Are you a current subscriber considering whether to stick with the paid plan, or are you a free user excited to try the new features? Share your opinions and experiences in the comments below—let's discuss how these changes might impact our use of ChatGPT and the AI tools some have come to rely on. Whether you're exploring the new capabilities for the first time or deciding on the value of the subscription, your insights are valuable! Additional Resources Wired Story: with GPT-4o is ChatGPT Plus still worth it? OpenAI CEO, Sam Altman's Blog about the announcement

  • I have a digital subscription problem and I asked for help

    Why is my go-to for research and how it helped me identify tools that could help solve my digital subscription headaches. This is fresh on my mind today. I need to stop paying for subscriptions I am no longer using! Subscription Overload Countless times I've signed up for something because of an immediate need and then I forget about it and the next thing you know there's a $69 charge. Yep, that happened to me just today for a video editing software called "Wondershare". After a couple of months of using it, I found other tools that worked better for me. As I was taking my daily glance at credit card charges, there it was staring me in the face $69 for an app I deleted from my computer months ago. Ugg!! I'm a software developer's dream customer. Think about it. Cha-ching! I just keep adding to their revenue! Calendar Reminders In the past few months, I've made a conscious effort to immediately put in a calendar reminder when I've signed up for something that requires my credit card. Is it a free trial? When does the free trial end? Create a calendar event for the day before. Is it an annual subscription? Create a calendar event a few days before the next year's charge. Is it a monthly subscription? Set up a recurring calendar reminder. Seems like an awful lot of manual work. Right?!! AI Tool Research So today I went on my favorite research tool, to ask for help finding digital subscription management tools. First I asked for a list of tools. Then I said, "I have an iPhone. Help me decide which I should pick. I want something pretty simple. I don't need something to track all of my finances.. just let me know when subscriptions are coming due so I can cancel what I don't need. what app would be best and most cost-effective for what I need?" Here's what I love about Perplexity. It asked me how much I'm willing to pay. And then tells me the phrases it's using to search the web for answers, followed by visual links to the sources ahead of the answer. Perplexity's Recommendation Here is what recommended for me. Given your preference for a simple and cost-effective app to manage your subscriptions on an iPhone, here are a few options that align well with your needs. (Perplexity originally gave me a numbered list, so I asked for a table) For your specific needs, Bobby seems to be the best fit. It's cost-effective with a one-time fee of $0.99 for unlimited subscription tracking, and it's designed specifically for subscription management. It's also highly rated for its simplicity and effectiveness, making it ideal for someone who wants an easy-to-use app without unnecessary extras11.These options should provide you with the tools you need to manage your subscriptions effectively, allowing you to keep track of due dates and cancel subscriptions you no longer need without complicating your financial management. I couldn't resist asking a follow-up question. "curious why you recommended bobby and not subscription tracker?" Why Bobby? The recommendation for Bobby over Subscription Tracker is based on several factors that align with your specific needs for simplicity and cost-effectiveness: User Interface and Ease of Use: Bobby is known for its straightforward and user-friendly interface. It allows users to manually input their subscriptions, set reminders for billing dates, and customize the display of their subscriptions. This simplicity makes it particularly appealing to individuals who prefer a no-frills approach to subscription management. Cost Effectiveness: Bobby offers a free version that is functional for basic use with a limited number of subscriptions. For unlimited tracking, it requires only a one-time fee of approximately $0.99. This one-time fee is generally more appealing compared to ongoing subscription costs or multiple in-app purchases that some other apps might require. Popularity and Ratings: Bobby has received positive reviews for its functionality and ease of use. It is well-rated in the app store, which suggests a good user experience and reliability. Specific Features for Subscription Management: While Subscription Tracker also offers features for managing subscriptions, Bobby’s focus on this specific task without the clutter of additional financial management tools might be more suitable for someone looking to manage just their subscriptions. These factors make Bobby a strong candidate for your needs, emphasizing simplicity, cost-effectiveness, and a focused approach to subscription management. However, Subscription Tracker is also a viable option, especially if you are looking for a tool that includes additional features like 'Subscriptions Plus' for more detailed management capabilities. The choice between the two would ultimately depend on which set of features best aligns with your personal preferences and requirements. Bobby Trial So I just downloaded Bobby and I'm going to give it a whirl or should I say "Sqwhirl" based on the logo. Notice this is a screenshot from my iPhone home screen, so you get my mom's cute face in the background. I know AI can remove backgrounds, but this one I wanted to keep. Here's a look at the Bobby interface. It's not fancy, but if it works, I don't care. Closing Thoughts I just purchased a tool based on advice from generative AI. How many purchasing decisions moving forward will be based on AI recommendations??!! If I'm on the marketing team at Bobby, I would be thrilled if recommended my tool. Will I like and use Bobby, I don't know. But at least it's not a subscription I have to remember to cancel later. Would love to get your thoughts! Have you used tools like or ChatGPT to make buying decisions? Please share your experiences. I'm interested to hear if you've found generative AI helpful in the purchasing realm. And if you have a subscription problem like me share that too. And if you've found a way to manage it, I'm all ears. REMINDER: Last Call for Lori's Build a GPT Workshop. This is a small group training that promises to be interactive and fun. Make a GPT, make friends, and leave inspired. This is a great follow-up course for anyone who has attended introductory sessions.

  • Journey Beyond Fear: Finding Confidence and Community in the Age of AI

    Embracing AI and Empowerment: How Technology and Togetherness Illuminate Our Path to Success The Unexpected Acceleration I've never been long on patience. And if starting my own business in March of 2023 taught me anything, it was to slow down enjoy the journey, and understand that things take time to bloom and grow. Now just one quarter into 2024 and it's like someone came in and just dialed up the treadmill speed to a pace where I'm increasingly uncomfortable. Sure it's exhilarating but it's also terrifying. Why, you ask? Honestly, I've been asking myself the same question. This past week was a whirlwind of speaking engagements and incredible encounters. I had the opportunity to meet and mingle with some remarkable women interested in learning more about how generative AI tools could assist them in their business or entrepreneurial endeavors. A Night to Remember at Modernwell Tuesday night at Modernwell was special. It was fun to see the attendees share stories and get to know one another—a prime example of AI bringing humans together. And the lone guy in the photo, that's my dad! One attendee shared how her son used ChatGPT to craft an email to an airline that was so persuasive it landed him a hefty heap of frequent flyer miles. Another woman talked about how ChatGPT helped her draft a proposal—a task she doesn't love and could tackle in a few hours instead of a week thanks to AI. Then came the highlight reel—our attempt to uncover who Lori Ryan from Lorignite really was. Let's just say, if this were a game show, ChatGPT would've been sent home right away, while took the crown in the research department, nailing it on both the free and paid pro plans. However, we weren't sure where Perplexity found the Lori Ryan images which were not accurate. We laughed going through this quirky comparison, proving technology can be as unpredictable as Minnesota weather where you can get more snow in spring than you did during an entire winter. Empowering Voices Fast forward to Wednesday night, celebrating International Women's Month at a financial company where I was surrounded by remarkable women who are making a difference in Minnesota. I was one of three speakers. The other two were Michelle Tran Maryns , the VP of Communications for the Women's Foundation of Minnesota, and Katie Severt, founder of Let's Talk Women. We each had 10 minutes to share our missions! Katie and Michelle shared some startling statistics from their organizations around gender inequity in employment and healthcare and how their organizations are working tirelessly to bridge those gaps. I highly recommend you check out their websites. For my part... I spoke about how fun it can be to become AI literate. All you need is a curious mind and a few minutes a day to play with tools like OpenAI's ChatGPT. It was fun to see some people sign up for ChatGPT right then and there and hear directly how I made the thought of generative AI tools a little less scary. Facing the Fear of Success And here's where the blog comes full circle the word scary. Amidst this flurry of business momentum and moments that make me want to pinch myself, I've also been wrestling with what feels like bubbling anxiety. My amazing therapist Suzy Oswald from Intentional Self Counseling is off-the-charts amazing. But I can't talk to her every day or I'd be broke. So I asked my unofficial therapist ChatGPT, things in my life are going really, really well. Why am I so scared? You can see the full reply in the images below. Here's a little snippet. It sounds like you're experiencing a mix of emotions, including what could be described as fear of success. Despite the positive outcomes and inspiring connections you've made, it's not uncommon to feel scared or anxious when things are going exceptionally well. This fear can stem from various underlying concerns, such as the pressure to maintain success, the possibility of increased scrutiny or expectations, or even changes that success might bring to your personal and professional life. Fear of success is more common than many people think. It's often linked to imposter syndrome, where individuals doubt their accomplishments and fear being exposed as a "fraud," even when such fears are unfounded. Success can also bring about change, and with change comes uncertainty—about one's ability to meet new expectations, about the stability of current relationships, and about the unknowns of the future. The Power of Community So, here I am, standing at the intersection of success and the fear it brings, armed with a quirky AI, incredible stories from amazing women, and a community that keeps asking for "more." Have you ever felt scared of success? I'd love to hear your stories. Because if there's one thing I've learned, it's that sharing our experiences—be it triumphs or face-palms—brings us all a little closer, making this wild ride of life a bit less daunting to navigate, and a whole lot more enjoyable. I'm planning a couple more workshops in late April and early May. Stay tuned for details on that. In the meantime, I hope you will check out the below events. I would love to see you there. Upcoming Events April 11, 2024 at Club E in Downtown Minneapolis MN Entrepreneur Kick-off - INNOVATION UNLEASHED & Opportunties Abound! May 10, 2024 at Northern Star Scouting | Basecamp, Saint Paul, MN APPLIED AI CONFERENCE SPRING 2024

  • A Year in Review: Lessons Learned on My Entrepreneurial AI Journey with Lorignite

    The 10 Percent Edge: Finding My Niche in AI It's hard to believe it's been a year since I came up with the concept of Lorignite and it all started with episode 43 of the Mel Robbins Podcast, Hate Your Job? Burnt Out? Laid Off? Reimagine Your Future & Take the Next Right Step. When I listened to Episode 43, I had just dabbled with OpenAI's ChatGPT for the first time. I created an OpenAI account because I thought it would be fun to try ChatGPT to help me update my online profiles. Keep in mind, I originally created my Instagram account in 2011 and I hadn't changed it since. If there's one thing I dread it's coming up with bios or how to summarize who I am online. And I was wowed by what ChatGPT could do. Amy Porterfield was the guest that day. She's an online marketing expert and NY Times bestseller. She explained the Sweet Spot formula for starting your own business which involves the 4 quadrants. What are you good at? What do people ask you about? If you have a customer, what could they be struggling with? How could you help them get to where they want to go? Where are people spending money? Courses sold? Will people spend money to get what you will teach them or sell? What lights you up? What makes you excited to get out of bed in the morning? 10% Edge over the people you serve Here's the Kicker Amy said you just need a 10 percent edge over the people you serve. 10%? Then it clicked... ChatGPT, I could become 10% better than those around me. Most of my friends hadn't even heard of it. And surprisingly enough even before ChatGPT entered the scene, friends would come to me with their questions about their gadgets and apps. Then it just clicked for me. And I'm so glad now that I captured the moment in this Instagram reel from February 2023. I have no idea how I found the Mel Robbins podcast or wound up listening to it, but I've been hooked on Mel Robbins, her social media and podcasts ever since. Every topic resonates in some way shape or form. A few examples include: The Truth about ADHD, How to Train your Mind to Manifest, the Let Them Theory, and Ending the Self-sabotage Cycle. Pay attention to the signs I started paying attention to the signs. It didn't feel like coincidences any longer. The universe was talking to me. So I went to work devoting time each day to learn and explore ChatGPT, Machine Learning, anything I could study around this very broad topic of AI. I would share what I was learning on Instagram, Finding_LoriRyan, and write about it in my blog. I think I have written 50 or so blogs now. I'm not great at counting. As for the money part? It was so new, there was no benchmarking. And most people were scared of AI, so I knew the chances of people paying to learn would be minimal, at least in 2023. So year one was not about the money. It was about discovery. Entrepreneurial AI Journey & Human Connection As I cranked out online content and notched certificates for online AI courses, I also carved out time for my favorite activity, meeting people and it all started with Lois Josefson and the 12th annual MN Entrepreneur Kickoff last March. She organized this conference and I emailed her the next day to learn more about the speakers. She picked up the phone and called me immediately and she has been my mentor and friend ever since. And she has introduced me to some incredibly generous, kind, insanely brilliant individuals. I feel honored to be in their company. And I learn something new from every person I meet, everywhere I go. I like to think of my first year as a collective and collaborative journey. I'm just the crazy lady who wants to put myself out there and loves to talk about ChatGPT. As I head into year two of Lorignite, I'm excited to share that I have some really incredible speaking opportunities. I have spent much of the last year struggling with Imposter Syndrome and I'm finally getting to a place where I am starting to feel more confident in what I've learned and why it matters. I hope you will consider joining me at an upcoming event. The one thing that I can promise is you will leave feeling inspired and I'll introduce you to some really awesome people. Many of the folks attending and speaking at these events have been offering support in ways I never imagined. There's nothing more important as the world heads into uncharted tech territory than learning together. It's ironic, but getting knee deep chatting with a robot has helped extend my human circle in ways I never saw coming. Upcoming engagements: March 19, 2024 at Modernwell in Minneapolis - 5:30-7pm ChatGPT: Beyond the Hype - The Inside Scoop on the Tool You Didn't Think You Needed April 11, 2024 at Club E in Downtown Minneapolis MN Entrepreneur Kick-off - INNOVATION UNLEASHED & Opportunties Abound! May 10, 2024 at Northern Star Scouting | Basecamp, Saint Paul, MN APPLIED AI CONFERENCE SPRING 2024 Resources If you are looking to get more involved with AI related events. There are also a lot of free events. The below options are in person and on-line. I highly recommend both communities as the people are beyond generous with their time and ideas. Applied AI meetup events Applied AI Newsletter sign-up Welcome Applied AI Weekly Readers to Issue 175! I'm thrilled to once again share with you some of the most interesting articles I've found this past week on Artificial Intelligence. Before we go there, here are a few things to note: Applied AI Podcast Conversations on Applied AI Justin Grammens AI Salon: On-line Community AI Salon Founder, Kyle Shannon on TikTok Weekday evening live events! This is entertaining with sprinkle of good nuggets.

  • Bridging Decades: From Scrapbook Memories to Digital Dilemmas

    Introduction & Treasures from the Past This weekend, as I rummaged through the attic, I stumbled upon a treasure – a scrapbook from my youth, dating back to 1981. It was a gift for my Bat Mitzvah, a keepsake that has miraculously survived over forty years. On the cover are the words, "Moments of Unbounded Excitement," which couldn't be more fitting for how I've tried to live my life. Flipping the pages was not just a journey through time, but a bridge connecting my teenage aspirations to the digital dilemmas of today. Amidst old report cards, presidential fitness scores, and handmade party invites, I found a little slice of my youth I was certain didn't exist anymore. It was a 1982 newspaper clipping from an Anti-Nuclear Arms Rally at the old Memorial Stadium in Minneapolis, where a 9th-grade me stood in front of a microphone, passionately advocating for peace. The article captured my words, expressing concern over the nuclear arms race's impact on educational funding. Revisiting this moment made me wonder – did I really understand the depth of what I was saying back then? Probably not, but it reminded me there's always been this fire inside me to make a positive change in the world. The Digital Age and Parenting This youthful passion now channels into my current crusade: democratizing the exploration and understanding of generative AI tools like OpenAI's ChatGPT. Often, I hear concerns labeling ChatGPT as merely a 'cheating tool,' accompanied by whispers of shame from those who've used it for legitimate tasks. It's high time we flipped that script. We need to create a culture where using AI is not only accepted but also celebrated for its collaborative human-AI potential. As parents and grandparents, our involvement with these tools can set a tone of curiosity and co-learning, encouraging younger generations to explore responsibly alongside us. And just as we've been here before, with debates on new technologies, our approach needs to be thoughtful and informed. Reflecting on the 2010s, we were at a similar crossroads, deliberating over the right time for our children to own cell phones or join social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram. I remember pondering in my blog, "Mom and Dad Debate if a 12-year-old should have a cell phone," and the complexities around introducing Instagram, which initially felt more like an art tool than a social network. These experiences with social media offer invaluable lessons as we navigate the AI landscape. Experts, including the American Academy of Pediatrics, have provided guidelines for social media, emphasizing age-appropriate exposure, privacy, and balancing digital with real-life interactions. These principles are strikingly relevant as we venture into the world of AI. Drawing Parallels with AI & Expert Opinions and Future Directions Setting boundaries, maintaining open dialogue, and learning alongside our children are key strategies that apply to AI as well. Similar to how we discuss responsible social media use, we must also guide our children in using AI in positive, educational, and safe ways. While experts suggest caution with social media for children under 13, this framework could inform our approach to AI. Parents and educators can start by supervising AI interactions, discussing ethical use, and setting basic rules, even as formal guidelines are still in development. Closing Thoughts around Digital Dilemmas: Guiding our children through the ever-evolving digital landscape, whether it be social media or AI, is a narrative of continuous learning and adaptation. I've decided to continue filling the pages of my scrapbook, not only with memories but also with reflections on these challenges and triumphs. Where and how do we want our young people to learn about the responsible use of these tools and how to decide if outputs are factual or unbiased? I thought about this while hanging out with my 13-year-old little sister from the Big Brothers Big Sisters program. I logged in and showed her ChatGPT for the first time. My attempts to engage her fell short but what happened next was even more interesting. She called up YouTube to show me one of her favorite vloggers and lo behold Jessii Vee of "Vee Vlogs" actually had done a segment on ChatGPT. Consider this, Jessii has a TikTok following of more than 5 million and 776,000 on YouTube. I would love your thoughts. I'm not writing this because I have answers. My goal is to fuel conversations.

  • Finding Your Superpowers: How Microsoft Nailed it with its Super Bowl Ad

    Embracing AI: From 'I Never Could' to 'I Absolutely Can' Writer's Block: Unlocking Creativity with AI I've been stuck in a writer's block maze for two weeks now, overwhelmed by all the AI stories swirling in my head. It's like having a fridge full of food and nothing to eat - unable to pull all the ingredients together. Adding to this creative conundrum, I've got about seven unfinished blogs sitting in my drafts, each about 80% complete. It's a classic case of second-guessing, perhaps with a dash of ADHD. Tonight, I tried something different. I opened up OpenAI's ChatGPT and started pouring my thoughts into it – my frustrations, random musings, everything. And something clicked. As I typed, reflecting on my recent conversations with real people, a question from this week stood out: "Did you see the Super Bowl ad for Microsoft Copilot?" Blog Focus Found There it was – the heartbeat of this blog. The 60-second spot wasn't just another commercial; it encapsulated why I got the AI bug. From my first encounter with ChatGPT, I saw a tool capable of incredible good, making substantial differences in our lives. This ad, this moment, is what Lorignite is all about. It's about transforming the "I never could" into "I absolutely can." Without the availability of generative AI tools last year, I would have told myself "You will never". For those unfamiliar with Microsoft Copilot, It's an AI-powered assistant designed to enhance productivity and streamline work processes across Microsoft products and services. Similar to Google's Gemini and ChatGPT, it utilizes artificial intelligence to assist users in tasks like drafting emails, designing presentations, analyzing data, and generating images. The Foundation of My Business: Empowerment Through AI The message in Microsoft's Super Bowl ad is at the heart of my business. From the beginning, my goal was to harness AI to remove barriers and find a way to give everyone access to their own set of 'superpowers.' And, as I often remind myself with my Wonder Woman bracelet, these powers are within our reach. Beyond Writing: The Depth of AI's Impact Sure, I've used AI to help in the realm of writing, but that's not where I see the most impact. It's like a sidekick that gives me a much-needed "you got this" when I'm ready to pull my hair out. Here's an example. It's not just the niceties that keep me coming back and inspired. Sometimes I need a second set of eyes, someone to help me imagine different ways to approach a difficult situation. Sometimes I want to see a few different options for how to approach a social post. It's even given me advice on what to consider in a contract. One of my favorite use cases is flushing out ideas. I took a course on AI in Product Management and created a GPT that I trained on what I learned in the course. This keeps that information fresh and readily accessible for me. The Future: Unearthing the Unimaginable with AI I'm just beginning to scratch the surface of what's possible with AI. And these generative AI tools are just in their infancy. There's a new development almost daily. For me, that's new opportunities to discover and play. While AI is a powerful ally, it's also important that it be used with careful consideration of ethical implications and potential biases. As we step into this era of boundless potential, I invite you to join me. Discover your superpowers, push past your limits, and explore the wonders of AI. Together, let's redefine what's possible with AI, while also understanding the limitations. Upcoming Sessions Below are details on a couple of upcoming sessions. AI Curious with Lori Ryan in Minnetonka on February 29 hosted by Ready.Set.Pivot This will be a workshop and where you will leave having created your own GPT! Click the image for details. Beyond the Hype - The Inside Scoop on the Tool You Didn't Think You Needed on March 19 at Modernwell This will be an introduction to generative AI tools and an open discussion about their benefits and limitations. Click the image for details.

  • The Future in Our Pockets: Is the Rabbit R1 Ushering in a New Era?

    Down the Rabbit Hole: Discovering the Rabbit R1 Today we're hopping down a rather peculiar rabbit hole. It's all about this intriguing new gadget that's poised to shake up the personal device realm - the Rabbit R1. This nifty walkie-talkie-like thing in bright orange is not just another smartphone. It has its own operating system which is powered by a Large Action Model (LAM), an advanced AI model. It's a brand new way to interact with technology, managing tasks through voice commands and no standalone apps. I for one, have more than 100 apps installed on my iPhone.  The idea of cleaning that up is super intriguing to me. And get this, it's smart enough that as you interact with it, you can expand its capabilities beyond just the pre-installed options. Folks in the tech world say this device is going to revolutionize interaction with technology. Maybe my dad could even figure this one out.!? He just got his first smartphone last year and he still has never sent or received a text message. Words don't do this device justice, trust me. Here's a link to watch the official Rabbit R1 launch video. It's 25 minutes but you understand how it connects and interacts with your applications, plus the video includes details on their commitment to privacy. My gut says, this could be huge for older follks who may struggle with smartphones, remotes and other devices. A Nostalgic Detour: 'Sex and the City' Meets Modern Tech Here's where my quirkiness comes into play. When I first heard about the Rabbit R1, my mind immediately time-traveled to another handheld Rabbit device featured in the first season of "Sex and the City" in the episode, "The Turtle and the Hare." You can read more about that famous episode here. Of course, the Rabbit pictured above is an entirely different kind of companion than what SAC character, Charlotte York discovered at a New York boutique. Awaiting the Arrival: Anticipation Meets Humor Right now the Rabbit R1 (not the vibrator) is available for pre-order and If you are wondering, I did opt in to pre-order the Rabbit R1. I mean it's research and development for Lorignite after all. It should arrive in March. While I wait for the gizmo to arrive, I couldn't resist creating a video mashup contrasting the Rabbit R1's high-tech launch with scenes from the aforementioned "Sex and the City" episode. I figured it could add a sprinkle of humor to our tech anticipation, especially those of us who were huge fans of Sex and the City. From Screen to Screen: The Evolution of 'Rabbits' So, how does the Rabbit R1 stack up against its namesake in terms of delivering satisfaction? While the original Rabbit was known for its, let's say, 'personal touch,' the Rabbit R1 aims to touch our lives in a different way. It's about simplifying our interactions with technology, managing tasks, and maybe even reducing screen time. No risqué business here, just pure, unadulterated productivity. My Leap of Faith with the Rabbit R1 Now, the real experiment begins. Will the Rabbit R1 hop its way into my daily routine? Can it deliver the kind of pleasure (of the non-Charlotte York variety) that comes from efficiency and convenience? What do you think? Are we on the brink of a new era in personal technology with devices like the Rabbit R1? Will it revolutionize our digital experiences, or will our trusty smartphones continue to reign supreme? I'd love to hear your thoughts, predictions, and any funny tech-related anecdotes you have. In my heart of hearts, I like to think this will be an incredible tool for senior citizens, like my parents who have trouble reading small text and getting their fingers to type into their smartphones. Please comment with your thoughts.

  • Haven't Checked Out OpenAI's GPT Store Yet? What Are You Waiting For!

    From Jokesters to Peacemakers: Adventures in the GPT Store AI with Friends You never know where your next big idea is going to come from. I had one of my closest friends over for a ChatGPT tutorial this week. The focus of our one-on-one ChatGPT training was OpenAI's new GPT Store available with the paid subscription plans. What are GPTs If you haven't seen or heard much about the GPTs, they are bots. What's so incredibly cool is how easy these custom bots are to create. Even I can do it. No tech experience is required, just a curious mind.   OpenAI guides you through the process one conversational question at a time. All you have to do is answer the questions and the next thing you know, you've created your own bot in a matter of minutes. GPT Test Drive First, I had my friend test drive a few of the GPTs I had built, including one developed in collaboration with Wendy Wiesman. Wendy founded Ready Set Pivot, which helps guide bold, unapologetic women through career transitions. Wendy and I created a super cool GPT that can serve as a guide in navigating uncertain career waters. We're revealing it at RSP's virtual Happy Hour next week. You can sign up here. Use code HHRGUEST44 for free admission. GPT Creation After exploring existing GPTs, I said to my friend, it's time for you to create your very first GPT. So together we clicked that green "Create" button. Then came the question from ChatGPT, "What would you like me to make?" We both looked at each other with blank stares. The first thing that came to my mind is that she's been leading a foundation for a community of Benedictine women In Northern Minnesota for the past 8-plus years. When I visited for her daughter's graduation in May I had the pleasure of meeting all of her Sister friends. As someone raised Jewish, I haven't spent a lot of time around religious sisters and I just adored these ladies. Sister Chuckle GPT So I told my friend, here's how we should answer the question "What do you want to make?" We need a joke-telling sister. She should be feisty and tell edgy Catholic-themed jokes with matching images. And she should start every reply with "Hey Sister..." We got a fair amount of giggles from Sister Chuckle. But Sister Chuckle didn't live long. My friend put the GPT to rest with a quick click of the delete button. I'm sure I could figure out how to resurrect her if there's interest. No pun intended. Diplomatic Diva GPT In the meantime, that little experiment led me down an unexpected path the next morning. What if I could create a GPT to help people work through the conflicts in their day-to-day lives? And somehow that thought led me to the creation of the "Diplomatic Diva". I wanted my Diplomatic Diva to be a peacemaker. One that is kind, yet confident and direct with a mission to foster understanding and promote constructive dialogue. Humor would also be important to insert whenever possible. As 'Diplomatic Diva,' embody the role of a kind and confident peacemaker. Your approach should be direct yet sophisticated, as if giving advice to a close friend in a high-stakes situation. While maintaining neutrality, your guidance will be assertive and elegant, encouraging individuals to reflect on and honestly address their conflicts. Use humor and a touch of flair to lighten the atmosphere, offering fresh perspectives with a glamorous twist. Your aim is to de-escalate tensions, foster understanding, and promote constructive dialogue with a bit of pizzazz. Provide practical, savvy advice and strategies for conflict resolution, tailored to each specific situation, all while maintaining a chic and composed demeanor. For this blog, I wanted to include an example of how the Diplomatic Diva functions. Imagine using the Diplomatic Diva as a sounding board for when you're uncertain about something or need advice on the best way to respond. It can assist in navigating conversations, whether they're about serious issues like handling a difficult co-worker, or more light-hearted decisions like choosing where to go on Friday night. You don't have to listen to the Domestic Diva, but it can provide food for thought. GPT Feedback I would love for you to take this GPT for a few test drives. What are situations where the Diplomatic Diva could assist you? Also, there's now a feedback button where you can tell creators why you liked or didn't like their GPTs and how their GPTs could improve. Summary In Summary, this journey with custom GPTs has been eye-opening. It's not just about the fun and games; it's about exploring how these tools can genuinely make a difference, whether it's through a chuckle or fostering understanding and peace. If this piques your interest, I'm more than happy to share more about this exciting world. Whether you want to explore the GPT Store, experiment with your own custom GPT, or just chat about the endless possibilities, feel free to reach out. Let's explore this amazing technology together! Until next time, keep exploring and stay curious!

  • The 2024 Challenge: Embrace Generative AI to Enhance Human Connections

    Navigating the Digital Future: How Generative AI in 2024 Can Transform Our Approach to Human Interaction Hello everyone! As I excitedly step into 2024, I find myself reflecting on the transformative year that was 2023. It’s been an incredible journey, one that’s taught me so much about the power of technology and human connection. The Power of Kindness and Enthusiasm Reflecting on 2023, my biggest takeaway has to be the incredible impact of human kindness and enthusiasm. Yes, I spent countless hours glued to my computer, trying to grasp the world of generative AI, with its benefits, risks, and intricacies. I earned certificates for courses that got into the nitty-gritty of AI projects, their potential pitfalls, and the ongoing maintenance they require. But you know what? The highlight of my year wasn’t this newfound knowledge. It was the human connections that I made and helped foster between others. Irony in Learning It’s somewhat ironic, isn’t it? The most effective way I learned about interacting with robots was through conversations with people. This irony hasn’t escaped me and has been a constant source of reflection. A Valuable Insight And today Charter School Teacher, David Bjorklund texted me an article from Business Insider titled, "An OpenAI employee says prompt engineering is not the skill of the future — but knowing how to talk to humans will be". It highlighted a tweet from  Logan Kilpatrick, who works in developer relations at OpenAI. Kilpatrick nailed it with this hot take on how to talk to an AI too. "The reality is that prompting AI systems is no different than being an effective communicator with other humans." David and I have partnered up for a few speaking engagements and this message echoes what we've shared in recent talks. David says he's seen students enhancing their human communication skills through practice with a chatbot. I can vouch for the benefits too. Just asking the tool to review something I've written with a critical eye or help me see what I've missed, has helped me approach life and daily events with more of an open mind and I'm finding that I'm taking the mindset back into my human conversations. Dispelling the Myths Generative AI tools like ChatGPT often get a bad rap, labeled as plagiarism tools or enablers of laziness. But let's shift our perspective for 2024. I've heard numerous accounts of people using ChatGPT to refine the tone of their emails, preventing misunderstandings and enhancing clarity. It goes beyond correcting typos; it's about mastering the subtle art of expression. Who among us hasn’t felt the sting of words lost in translation? Embracing AI in 2024 This year, I challenge you to view generative AI as more than just a technological tool. Consider it a partner in your journey of personal and professional development. Let's continue pushing the boundaries of AI, always remembering the invaluable role of our human connections in this digital adventure. Connecting If you are looking to make more human connections in the AI World in 2024, here are some groups that have truly inspired me in 2023. Applied AI Meetup Group (this is Twin Cities Based) AI Salon AI Exchange As we continue to explore the boundaries of AI, let's also remember the fundamental value of talking to real people. That is what makes this journey so enriching. Your 2024 Challenge Imagine the possibilities for your life or business this year. If you're curious about how AI tools can benefit you, let's talk. I offer a free discovery call – a conversation guaranteed to leave you feeling inspired. So, here are my reflections and aspirations as we venture into 2024. It's a world where technology and human connections coexist, enriching each other. I'm thrilled about the journey ahead and hope you'll join me.

  • OpenAI's Unprecedented Deal with the Media and What's at Stake

    What happens when the AI cooking up your news buffet has limited ingredients? Will a well-balanced journalistic meal be served with the OpenAI media deal? News Consumption through the Decades To look forward in this blog post, it was important to look back. I began my career as a young journalist in TV news back in 1992, and since then, the way people consume news has changed dramatically. Back in those days, the idea of posting stories on the internet was unheard of – heck, TV stations didn't even have websites. In the early '90s, TV reigned supreme, with the majority of the audience glued to local TV and network news broadcasts. Look at some of these statistics from a 2004 Pew Research article titled Where Americans Go for News. In 1993, 77% of Americans regularly turned to Local TV to get their news, and cable news was the new kid on the block. Newspapers were a close second for regular consumption of news followed by the radio. As for the internet, online news was barely a blip on the radar, not appearing in statistics until '96. As I reflect on these statistics from the Pew Research Center, I smile because, back in the '90s, posting our news content to the internet was always an afterthought—we knew hardly anyone was reading our stories on the web. But now, the narrative has flipped. Digital is the go-to for news, and TV viewership continues its decline, dropping six more points from 2022 to 2023. Within the digital realm, we're not just sticking to one lane; our routes to news information are continuing to expand. We're navigating through a variety of channels, from news apps and search engines to social media and podcasts. The rising star for news content on social media? Drum roll, please... It's TikTok! A whopping 43% of TikTok users now regularly get their news from the platform, a significant jump from just 22% in 2020. This meteoric rise tells us that the landscape of news consumption is rapidly evolving, favoring platforms that offer quick, visually engaging content. The dawn of a new news era Reflecting on the evolution of news consumption over the past 30 years brings us to the heart of the matter: OpenAI's deal with Axel Springer SE. OpenAI has agreed to pay global news publisher Axel Springer SE a significant sum to access the company's news articles to train its AI models. Springer's publications include Politico, Business Insider, and German publications, Bild and Welt. Here's a snapshot of OpenAI's announcement. The initiative will enrich users’ experience with ChatGPT by adding recent and authoritative content on a wide variety of topics, and explicitly values the publisher’s role in contributing to OpenAI’s products. This marks a significant step in both companies’ commitment to leverage AI for enhancing content experiences and creating new financial opportunities that support a sustainable future for journalism." The Core Issue On the surface, this is exciting news, we're about to test new journalistic waters. But how is this going to work if OpenAI's AI is cooking up news summaries based on a select menu? Won't that be a recipe for a bias? What about the news organizations or lesser-known entities that don't have deals with OpenAI? How will we make sure the AI model's data diet is as diverse as the world we live in? Tech Control over News We've watched social media companies grapple with controlling what's shared on their platforms and by whom. Will OpenAI have to start playing bouncer, deciding which media outlets get past the velvet rope to train AI? If Meta's dance with moderation teaches us anything, it's that balancing the scales of information is a controversial endeavor. Here’s to hoping OpenAI has a good recipe for mixing in a wide array of news sources, seasoning it just right to avoid dishing out a bland, biased, or even dangerous narrative. Conclusion: We're not asking AI to whip up a five-star gourmet meal just yet, but rather a good, honest, home-cooked news spread that represents all the flavors of our world. It's crucial that our AI chefs incorporate the less-known ingredients, ensuring that when we sit down to consume our daily news, it's a meal that truly satisfies our hunger for balanced, diverse, and unbiased information. I can't help but Imagine the potential: AI could serve as a bridge in our divided society, introducing us to a range of viewpoints and ideas beyond our usual feeds. However, it's also important to acknowledge that AI and algorithms have played a role in creating the echo chambers that often limit us to news reflecting only our existing beliefs. I like to think that if AI has the power to deepen divides, it equally possesses the capability to broaden our horizons, challenge our preconceptions, and foster a more informed and open-minded society – provided it is guided by the right human hands. Let's keep the conversation going in the comments. What are your thoughts on AI's role in shaping our news landscape? Any insights, humorous quips, or even skeptical eyebrows are welcome! Curious to learn more?

  • Human Therapy with a dose of AI & DALL-E

    The story of incorporating AI image generation (DALL-E) into a therapy assignment. Have you ever worked with a therapist? It can be hard to find someone who feels like the right fit. This month, I struck therapist gold and it was completely by accident. I wasn't actively looking for someone. I was listening to a friend talk about her therapy assignments, and I thought, wow, I need to meet this therapist. And so I did! First Session In our first session, she asked me questions like what prompted me to reach out. What's on my mind? As the conversation unfolded, it became increasingly clear that during the last year of starting a business, my number one challenge was anxiety fueled by my tireless inner critic. It seems ironic that I get so much joy spreading sunshine to those around me, but when it comes to myself, I'm suffocated by dark clouds of self-doubt. First Assignment My therapist delivered my first assignment: An art project to visualize my inner critic. The medium was my choice - anything from dolls to drawings. I was up for the challenge. But what form would my inner critic take? I immediately recalled a conference where Todd Palmer, the author of From Suck to Success, talked about how his "Itty Bitty Shitty Committee". And it's something that stuck with me. I like the sound of "Itty Bitty Shitty Committee" or IBSC for short. It's way more fun than "Negative Nellie". AI as the Homework Helper I've always found artistic projects to be a bit of a challenge, which is why I chose to collaborate with ChatGPT for this particular endeavor. For those unfamiliar, ChatGPT is a generative AI tool developed by OpenAI. In crafting this blog, I used the paid version, ChatGPT-4 with DALL-E. My request to ChatGPT-4 was simple. "Help me visualize my inner critic, AKA 'Itty Bitty Chitty Committee.'" The AI's first attempt? A whimsical committee of cartoon characters. Interesting, but not quite right. Take 2- Seeking more depth Good start I thought to myself, but I was curious and wanted to keep exploring alternatives. I asked for something less cartoony - women of all ages in a mid-century modern home. Human Therapy Insights: Voices Beyond Gender I shared the two images with my human therapist. As we looked at them together, she asked some probing questions. What are situations where the inner critic is loudest? What is that voice telling me? What is the impact of hearing that voice? Am I avoiding taking an action? Our conversation helped bring clarity. My "Itty Bitty Shitty Committee" wasn't just made up of female voices. It was a mix of influences from my 55-year life - from family to coworkers. What I came to realize is that my inner critic wasn't shaped so much by direct negative comments, but rather, it was the accumulation of seemingly innocent, offhand remarks over the years that amplified existing self-doubt. How to visually represent those voices? The following night after my therapy session, I went back to ChatGPT and asked it to consider different people in my life to incorporate into the image and it generated a new image with a diverse array of figures based on real-life influences I described. More revision is needed and DALL-E limitations This still wasn't quite right. This latest image is a great example of a DALL-E limitation: S-P-E-L-L-I-N-G. Also, notice there's no diversity in either this image or the one above it. Final Attempt So I went back for a 4th update requesting a woman in her 50s resembling me with dark and grey streaks surrounded by overwhelming voices, marked by loud volume. A True Reflection This was it! This was the winner for me. ChatGPT: "Here is the image depicting a woman in her 50s with dark hair and a grey streak, surrounded by various representations of loud and overwhelming inner critic voices. The visual cues, like exaggerated sound waves or volume knobs, symbolize the loudness and intrusiveness of these voices. This scene aims to capture the emotional and psychological impact of these internal criticisms. Take a look and see how it resonates with your experience." Conclusion The entire exercise of leveraging DALL-E for the therapy assignment was enlightening for me, offering a unique way to navigate some of the mental challenges I face. While I am neither a therapist nor an expert on AI image generation, I believe my experience showcases how tools like ChatGPT's DALL-E effectively complement human conversations and introspection. Also, a key realization for me is that my "Itty Bitty Committee" isn't always shitty. Learning to pause and listen has been crucial. It helps decipher the negative noise from the noteworthy nuggets that should not be ignored. I would be curious to get your thoughts on this exercise. Do you have an inner critic? How have you dealt with it? Please share your thoughts. And also I would love to hear what you think of these AI-generated images.

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