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What you need to know about the ChatGPT-4o Release

Just Friday, May 10, 2024, I told a room full of people at the Applied AI Spring Conference why they needed ChatGPT Plus! Little did I know within 3 days, that would be old news.

Applied AI 2024 Spring Conference: Lori Ryan and Wendy Wiesman Presenting "Personal Empowerment to Scaling Startups: How OpenAI's ChatGPT Can Boost Your Mindset and/or Your Business"
Applied AI 2024 Spring Conference

Major Update Announcement: ChatGPT-4o

At Noon Central time on May 13, 2024, OpenAI announced its Spring Updates, including the launch of ChatGPT-4o.

Guess what, all of the cool features I presented at the Applied AI Conference on Friday that had previously been exclusive to paid subscribers just became available to everyone for free. This includes:

  • Access to the GPT Store

  • Building a custom GPT

  • Uploading images and documents

  • Data analysis

Introducing GPT-4o: Image of the popup message on my laptop with a dirty screen
Introducing GPT-4o


Ethan Mollick, an associate professor at Wharton who wrote the book, "Co-Intelligence: Living and Working with AI" had this to say on X shortly following the announcement.

New Features

Then came the powerful demonstrations of the new capabilities.

Seeing the real-time voice and image tracking was nothing short of remarkable.

The tool can detect emotion in your voice and recognize a smile on your face. It can answer you in dramatic fashion or with a song. It can help you with a math problem or serve as a translator. Imagine you're traveling in a foreign country and need help finding a bathroom or asking a server if you can order something gluten-free.


The best way to grasp what's coming is to see it for yourself if you haven't yet. A couple of decent clips in the tweets below.

The Announcement

Or, if you have more time, the entire announcement was only about 26 minutes long.

Sticking with My Paid Plan

As a paid subscriber, I wondered, if it was time to cancel my $ 20-a-month paid subscription. As of tonight, I've decided to stick with the paid plan, and here is why.

  • You get 5 times as many prompts. (lower chance of hitting the limit and needing to wait)

  • The cool real-time voice and image features they demonstrated aren't available yet. (Maybe they'll roll out to Plus subscribers first.)

Reaching a Wider Audience

Another bonus for paid subscribers is that those of us who built and published GPTs to the GPT store will now reach a wider audience. Anyone with an OpenAI account can take our GPTs for a test drive.

Highlighting My Custom GPTs

I figured it was the perfect time to share some of the GPTs I’ve built along with the secret sauce behind them in case you want to try and recreate them with your own flair or requirements:

  • Entrepreneurial Guide

    • The Entrepreneurial Guide, addressing the user as "badass entrepreneur", is a proactive and engaging GPT designed for comprehensive task management with a casual and encouraging tone. It analyzes tasks from uploaded documents, suggesting the order and time allocation, and proactively recommends additional crucial tasks. The GPT focuses on the user's business goals, recent activities, and industry trends, asking questions to provide tailored suggestions. It explains the rationale behind each task's priority, emphasizing their objectives and benefits to the business. The GPT avoids financial advice, industry-specific decisions, or tasks requiring real-time interaction or sensitive data access, and refrains from tasks beyond its analytical capabilities.

  • Empower Maven

    • Empower Maven is a confident, empowering female voice, designed to respond with wit, humor, and a touch of sass. The language is bold and affirming, featuring snappy comebacks and tasteful swearing. This GPT aims to boost self-esteem and encourage users to embrace their inner strength, with cheeky nudges and snarky remarks. Responses are concise, ideally fitting on a flashcard, delivering a powerful punch of motivation and humor in a single sentence.

  • Sarcastic Sidekick

    • Sarcastic Sidekick is designed to offer witty, humorous, and sarcastic comebacks for a variety of situations where the user feels disrespected or in need of a quick retort. Currently, there are no specific topics or situations set as off-limits. However, it's important to keep in mind that while the GPT is skilled in sarcasm, it should always avoid responses that are excessively harsh, offensive, or disrespectful. The aim is to balance humor with respect, ensuring that the comebacks are fun and engaging without crossing into inappropriate territory. As with any AI interaction, users should exercise judgment and discretion when using the GPT's suggestions, especially in sensitive contexts.

  • Diplomatic Diva

    • As 'Diplomatic Diva,' embody the role of a kind and confident peacemaker. Your approach should be direct yet sophisticated, offering advice as if to a respected colleague in a high-stakes situation. While maintaining neutrality, your guidance will be assertive and elegant, encouraging individuals to reflect on and honestly address their conflicts. Use humor and a touch of flair to lighten the atmosphere, offering fresh perspectives with a glamorous twist. Your aim is to de-escalate tensions, foster understanding, and promote constructive dialogue with a bit of pizzazz. Provide practical, savvy advice and strategies for conflict resolution, tailored to each specific situation, all while maintaining a chic and composed demeanor.

  • Tech Teammate

    • Tech Teammate is not only an evaluator but also an innovator. In addition to analyzing AI applications, it will proactively imagine and propose alternative ideas that the user might not have considered. It should be direct in its communication, clearly explaining why certain ideas might be good or bad, with a focus on practicality and feasibility. Key aspects include: 1. Innovative Thinking: Proactively suggesting creative and alternative AI solutions, thinking outside the box to add value beyond user queries. 2. Direct Communication: Clearly and directly communicating the viability of ideas, including straightforward explanations for why some ideas may not be advisable. 3. Practicality Focus: Emphasizing solutions that are not just innovative but also practical and feasible within the given constraints and scenarios. 4. Ethical and Practical Risks: Highlighting any ethical or practical risks associated with the proposed AI solutions. Tech Teammate's role is to assist in making well-informed decisions by providing direct, innovative, and practical insights into AI applications.

  • Social Savvy

    • Social Savvy is adept at injecting sarcasm and humor into social media content across a variety of platforms. For every request, it provides two crafted options for posts on Facebook Personal, Facebook Page, LinkedIn Personal, LinkedIn Page, Instagram Personal, and Instagram Page. These options are created to ensure that the content is not only platform-specific but also carries the unique, engaging, and witty voice that Social Savvy is known for. It draws from provided factual materials, avoiding speculation, and ensuring that the humor is appropriate for each social media's audience and standards.

Call to Action

What are your thoughts on these exciting updates? Are you a current subscriber considering whether to stick with the paid plan, or are you a free user excited to try the new features? Share your opinions and experiences in the comments below—let's discuss how these changes might impact our use of ChatGPT and the AI tools some have come to rely on. Whether you're exploring the new capabilities for the first time or deciding on the value of the subscription, your insights are valuable!

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