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AI Note-Taking Review: The Pros and Cons of Using apps like &

In the realm of daily business challenges, I found myself spending hours a day on meeting notes. It sparked my interest. Could technology help save me the grueling task of organizing and sharing notes after each meeting. Given this curiosity, I ventured into trying out AI-powered note-taking apps, specifically and Here's what I uncovered - the impressive and the areas of caution.

AI Note-Taking Review: The Main Features

  1. Time-Savings: The first time I used an AI note-taking app during a meeting, it felt liberating. When it's part of the meeting, I feel a sense of relief that I won't miss a crucial action item or decision. The tool captures everything, giving me the freedom to be truly present in the discussion.

  2. Unbiased Memory: One of my favorite aspects of the AI notes and summaries is the tool doesn't come with any preconceptions. On occasion, it will capture something I might overlook because subconsciously, my concerns or priorities influence what I jot down.

  3. Objective Insights: Beyond mere transcription, I'm amazed by the analytics. Both Fireflies and Tactiq provide insights into meeting dynamics, showing the percentage of speaking time for each participant. It was an eye-opener, highlighting those who might dominate conversations and others who might hold back.

    1. Fireflies goes a step further, evaluating the meeting's mood – positive, negative, or neutral. Such insights can prove valuable in understanding team dynamics.

  4. Meeting Summaries: While Tactiq provides a limited number of AI summaries each month on their paid subscriptions, Fireflies seems to take the lead with more comprehensive reports. But to be fair, all of these applications are enhancing their offerings frequently.

  5. AI Search: With Fireflies, there's a feature named "Ask Fred", available for an extra $5 a month. It lets you search through your notes seamlessly, eliminating the age-old hassle of manually sifting through pages or digital files.

  6. Transcription Data: Why transcribe? Tech giants like Microsoft and Google are ramping up their AI search capabilities. Soon, we could be searching our notes as effortlessly as we do the internet, pinpointing specific comments or decisions.

Concerns to Consider: An AI Note-Taking Review

  1. Privacy: The specter of data privacy regulations, like GDPR and CCPA, looms large. Always get consent for transcription. With Fireflies, you can notify participants by default and even customize your message for clarity.

  2. Legal Implications: Consider this scenario: an employee alleges workplace bias or a partner cries foul over a contractual breach. These AI-generated notes could be summoned as evidence in court. Thus, always consult legal experts before full-fledged adoption.

  3. Access to the Notes: It's not just about taking notes but controlling who sees them. Miscommunications or inadvertent leaks can be detrimental. Be discerning in setting access permissions.

  4. Data Security: Data breaches are a legitimate concern. It's paramount to scrutinize not just the app's functionalities but its commitment to data security. Dive deep into privacy policies and terms before choosing a tool.

A Personal Verdict:

I remain an advocate for AI-powered note-taking tools, appreciating their efficiency and objectivity. However, my approach is now more measured. I kick off meetings with clear recording notifications and am selective about when to use the tool.

For those on the fence, remember: immense power requires immense responsibility. Navigate the legal and ethical maze, seek expert opinions, and put the privacy and security of everyone at the forefront.

Here are links to their pricing pages:

It's important to note I have no ties to either of these companies and I'm not getting compensated in any way. These are just observations from someone who is curious about how they work and actively using them.

Have you tried AI note-taking tools? Encountered any hiccups or surprises? Share your experiences in the comments! And if you find this blog worthwhile, please like and share.


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