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Stepping Forward with AI and ChatGPT: An Adventure of Learning and Ethical Exploration

You are invited to join the forefront of AI and ChatGPT discussions, where curiosity meets responsibility.


I have to admit, zeroing in on a single focus for this blog was no easy task. Ideas kept bouncing around in my mind, each one taking a different shape. But as the Twin Cities Start-up Week kicked off, I finally nailed it down.

Opening Party Presented by Twin Ignition
Twin Cities Startup Week: Sept. 15, 2023 - Sept. 21, 2023

I’m gearing up to be part of two critical discussions this week. I'll be part of a panel talking about what businesses need to know about artificial intelligence. Additionally, I'll be moderating a discussion with educators uncovering how schools can leverage ChatGPT for back-to-school success. I'm super grateful for both of these opportunities.

Join the Conversation
Twin Cities Startup Week Official Session Host

In gearing up for these discussions, I remind myself that there are people who certainly know more than I do about generative AI, machine learning and large language models, however it's the all about the fresh perspectives each person brings to the table and the "Aha" moments that can come from unexpected encounters and conversations.

Keep in mind this is all so new. ChatGPT and other generative AI tools just came on the scene less than a year ago. These tools are just in their infancy and we're seeing updates and enhancements all of the time.

The constantly evolving landscape
Open AI & ChatGPT Timeline

As I prepped my talking points and questions, I realized the parallels between business and education at this juncture.

Opening Up Conversations: The Generative AI Elephant in the Room

It's time to foster a culture of openness and exploratory dialogue.

Whether guiding a business strategy discussion or standing at a chalkboard in front of 10th graders, it is essential to acknowledge and discuss the 'elephant in the room': the growing adoption of generative AI tools like ChatGPT. Why not encouragr your team or students to experiment with ChatGPT for certain tasks and present their findings as part of a group discussion?

Don't Knock it Till You Try it: Embrace Generative AI Tools

Practice with prompting to unearth ChatGPT's potential.

Think about tasks that you dread, or just take time to complete. What if you could offload some of that work to ChatGPT? On the business side, you could ask ChatGPT to draft compelling points for a prospect meeting. As an educator, you could ask ChatGPT to help you craft an email to parents. ChatGPT has the potential to help ease your workload.

Ethics at the Forefront

Navigating the complex landscape of right and wrong.

Now is the time to kickstart the ethical discussions if you haven't already. What entails cheating or cutting corners when using AI tools? How do we discern what needs to be cited? Should we inform clients about our utilization of such tools? It's an evolving dialogue, and it's imperative to foster a culture that champions ethical usage, encouraging transparency and responsibility at each step.

Up-Skill with Unity: A Collective Endeavor

Learn, grow, and evolve together.

Who says business leaders and their employees can't learn at the same time or teachers and students? I like to think we all have an innate desire to learn and grow. So let’s embrace the spirit of up-skilling not as individuals but as a collective force ready to shape a future where technology meets empathy, understanding, and human touch.

These discussions are just the tip of the iceberg, paving the way for a deeper understanding of AI and ChatGPT's role in our evolving landscape.

So come, be a part of these sessions.

Sept 18, 2023 11am

Sept 21, 2023 5-7pm

If this sparked your curiosity, don’t hesitate to share it with someone who’d value this insight. Let’s navigate the exciting world of AI together. See you there!

Coming up next in the blog, I'll share links to some of my favorite resources and their insights that were valuable in preparing for the sessions.


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