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The 2024 Challenge: Embrace Generative AI to Enhance Human Connections

Updated: Jan 1

Navigating the Digital Future: How Generative AI in 2024 Can Transform Our Approach to Human Interaction

Hello everyone! As I excitedly step into 2024, I find myself reflecting on the transformative year that was 2023. It’s been an incredible journey, one that’s taught me so much about the power of technology and human connection.

October 2023 Social Media Breakfast - Photo Credit: Pauline Oo
October 2023 Social Media Breakfast - Photo Credit: Pauline Oo

The Power of Kindness and Enthusiasm

Reflecting on 2023, my biggest takeaway has to be the incredible impact of human kindness and enthusiasm. Yes, I spent countless hours glued to my computer, trying to grasp the world of generative AI, with its benefits, risks, and intricacies. I earned certificates for courses that got into the nitty-gritty of AI projects, their potential pitfalls, and the ongoing maintenance they require. But you know what? The highlight of my year wasn’t this newfound knowledge. It was the human connections that I made and helped foster between others.

Irony in Learning

It’s somewhat ironic, isn’t it? The most effective way I learned about interacting with robots was through conversations with people. This irony hasn’t escaped me and has been a constant source of reflection.

A Valuable Insight

And today Charter School Teacher, David Bjorklund texted me an article from Business Insider titled, "An OpenAI employee says prompt engineering is not the skill of the future — but knowing how to talk to humans will be". It highlighted a tweet from  Logan Kilpatrick, who works in developer relations at OpenAI. Kilpatrick nailed it with this hot take on how to talk to an AI too.

"The reality is that prompting AI systems is no different than being an effective communicator with other humans."

David and I have partnered up for a few speaking engagements and this message echoes what we've shared in recent talks. David says he's seen students enhancing their human communication skills through practice with a chatbot.

I can vouch for the benefits too. Just asking the tool to review something I've written with a critical eye or help me see what I've missed, has helped me approach life and daily events with more of an open mind and I'm finding that I'm taking the mindset back into my human conversations.

Dispelling the Myths

Generative AI tools like ChatGPT often get a bad rap, labeled as plagiarism tools or enablers of laziness. But let's shift our perspective for 2024. I've heard numerous accounts of people using ChatGPT to refine the tone of their emails, preventing misunderstandings and enhancing clarity. It goes beyond correcting typos; it's about mastering the subtle art of expression. Who among us hasn’t felt the sting of words lost in translation?

Embracing AI in 2024

This year, I challenge you to view generative AI as more than just a technological tool. Consider it a partner in your journey of personal and professional development. Let's continue pushing the boundaries of AI, always remembering the invaluable role of our human connections in this digital adventure.


If you are looking to make more human connections in the AI World in 2024, here are some groups that have truly inspired me in 2023.

As we continue to explore the boundaries of AI, let's also remember the fundamental value of talking to real people. That is what makes this journey so enriching.

Your 2024 Challenge

Imagine the possibilities for your life or business this year. If you're curious about how AI tools can benefit you, let's talk. I offer a free discovery call – a conversation guaranteed to leave you feeling inspired.

So, here are my reflections and aspirations as we venture into 2024. It's a world where technology and human connections coexist, enriching each other. I'm thrilled about the journey ahead and hope you'll join me.


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