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Haven't Checked Out OpenAI's GPT Store Yet? What Are You Waiting For!

From Jokesters to Peacemakers: Adventures in the GPT Store

AI with Friends

You never know where your next big idea is going to come from.

I had one of my closest friends over for a ChatGPT tutorial this week.

Lori & Heidi on a Visit to St. John's University for a talk on AI
Lori & Heidi on a Visit to St. John's University for a talk on AI

The focus of our one-on-one ChatGPT training was OpenAI's new GPT Store available with the paid subscription plans.

Open AI's GPT Store
Open AI's GPT Store

What are GPTs

If you haven't seen or heard much about the GPTs, they are bots. What's so incredibly cool is how easy these custom bots are to create. Even I can do it. No tech experience is required, just a curious mind.   OpenAI guides you through the process one conversational question at a time. All you have to do is answer the questions and the next thing you know, you've created your own bot in a matter of minutes.

GPT Test Drive

First, I had my friend test drive a few of the GPTs I had built, including one developed in collaboration with Wendy Wiesman. Wendy founded Ready Set Pivot, which helps guide bold, unapologetic women through career transitions. Wendy and I created a super cool GPT that can serve as a guide in navigating uncertain career waters. We're revealing it at RSP's virtual Happy Hour next week. You can sign up here. Use code HHRGUEST44 for free admission.

GPT Creation

After exploring existing GPTs, I said to my friend, it's time for you to create your very first GPT. So together we clicked that green "Create" button.

GPT Store: Create your own
GPT Store: Create your own

Then came the question from ChatGPT, "What would you like me to make?"

New GPT: What would you like me to make?
New GPT: What would you like me to make?

We both looked at each other with blank stares.

The first thing that came to my mind is that she's been leading a foundation for a community of Benedictine women In Northern Minnesota for the past 8-plus years. When I visited for her daughter's graduation in May I had the pleasure of meeting all of her Sister friends. As someone raised Jewish, I haven't spent a lot of time around religious sisters and I just adored these ladies.

Sister Chuckle GPT

So I told my friend, here's how we should answer the question "What do you want to make?"

We need a joke-telling sister. She should be feisty and tell edgy Catholic-themed jokes with matching images. And she should start every reply with "Hey Sister..."

Sister Chuckle GPT
Sister Chuckle GPT

We got a fair amount of giggles from Sister Chuckle. But Sister Chuckle didn't live long. My friend put the GPT to rest with a quick click of the delete button.

I'm sure I could figure out how to resurrect her if there's interest. No pun intended.

Diplomatic Diva GPT

In the meantime, that little experiment led me down an unexpected path the next morning.

What if I could create a GPT to help people work through the conflicts in their day-to-day lives? And somehow that thought led me to the creation of the "Diplomatic Diva".

I wanted my Diplomatic Diva to be a peacemaker. One that is kind, yet confident and direct with a mission to foster understanding and promote constructive dialogue. Humor would also be important to insert whenever possible.

As 'Diplomatic Diva,' embody the role of a kind and confident peacemaker. Your approach should be direct yet sophisticated, as if giving advice to a close friend in a high-stakes situation. While maintaining neutrality, your guidance will be assertive and elegant, encouraging individuals to reflect on and honestly address their conflicts. Use humor and a touch of flair to lighten the atmosphere, offering fresh perspectives with a glamorous twist. Your aim is to de-escalate tensions, foster understanding, and promote constructive dialogue with a bit of pizzazz. Provide practical, savvy advice and strategies for conflict resolution, tailored to each specific situation, all while maintaining a chic and composed demeanor.

For this blog, I wanted to include an example of how the Diplomatic Diva functions. Imagine using the Diplomatic Diva as a sounding board for when you're uncertain about something or need advice on the best way to respond. It can assist in navigating conversations, whether they're about serious issues like handling a difficult co-worker, or more light-hearted decisions like choosing where to go on Friday night.

Domestic Diva: Where to go tonight?
Domestic Diva: Where to go tonight?

You don't have to listen to the Domestic Diva, but it can provide food for thought.

GPT Feedback

I would love for you to take this GPT for a few test drives. What are situations where the Diplomatic Diva could assist you?

Also, there's now a feedback button where you can tell creators why you liked or didn't like their GPTs and how their GPTs could improve.


In Summary, this journey with custom GPTs has been eye-opening. It's not just about the fun and games; it's about exploring how these tools can genuinely make a difference, whether it's through a chuckle or fostering understanding and peace.

If this piques your interest, I'm more than happy to share more about this exciting world. Whether you want to explore the GPT Store, experiment with your own custom GPT, or just chat about the endless possibilities, feel free to reach out. Let's explore this amazing technology together!

Until next time, keep exploring and stay curious!


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