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Google Drive's AI-Powered Tools Set to Shake Up Business as Usual

Lorignite Google Drive

Big news today. Google announced it will have new AI features in its various workspace apps including Google Docs, Gmail, Sheets and Slides.

This is especially exciting for me because I use Google apps for Lorignite.

I absolutely cannot wait to experience how the addition of AI could help streamline some of my current business tasks and deliverables.

How will Google compare to ChatGPT and Microsoft's Bing?

A few things I'm eager to test.

  • How is the Google Chatbot as a copywriter?

  • Can the Google Chatbot help with creative ideas, like a prom proposal?

  • Would I ever send a email written by the Google Chatbot. If so, what kind of circumstance would it make sense? (Apparently you can provide a few bullet points and the Google Chatbot can spit out a full blown email.)

  • Will I be impressed with the AI generated imagery that can be added to Slides.

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