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Finding Your Superpowers: How Microsoft Nailed it with its Super Bowl Ad

Embracing AI: From 'I Never Could' to 'I Absolutely Can'

Writer's Block: Unlocking Creativity with AI

I've been stuck in a writer's block maze for two weeks now, overwhelmed by all the AI stories swirling in my head. It's like having a fridge full of food and nothing to eat - unable to pull all the ingredients together.

Adding to this creative conundrum, I've got about seven unfinished blogs sitting in my drafts, each about 80% complete. It's a classic case of second-guessing, perhaps with a dash of ADHD.

Tonight, I tried something different. I opened up OpenAI's ChatGPT and started pouring my thoughts into it – my frustrations, random musings, everything. And something clicked. As I typed, reflecting on my recent conversations with real people, a question from this week stood out:

"Did you see the Super Bowl ad for Microsoft Copilot?"

Blog Focus Found

There it was – the heartbeat of this blog. The 60-second spot wasn't just another commercial; it encapsulated why I got the AI bug. From my first encounter with ChatGPT, I saw a tool capable of incredible good, making substantial differences in our lives.

This ad, this moment, is what Lorignite is all about. It's about transforming the "I never could" into "I absolutely can."

Without the availability of generative AI tools last year, I would have told myself "You will never".

For those unfamiliar with Microsoft Copilot, It's an AI-powered assistant designed to enhance productivity and streamline work processes across Microsoft products and services. Similar to Google's Gemini and ChatGPT, it utilizes artificial intelligence to assist users in tasks like drafting emails, designing presentations, analyzing data, and generating images.

The Foundation of My Business: Empowerment Through AI

The message in Microsoft's Super Bowl ad is at the heart of my business. From the beginning, my goal was to harness AI to remove barriers and find a way to give everyone access to their own set of 'superpowers.' And, as I often remind myself with my Wonder Woman bracelet, these powers are within our reach.

Lori & Her Wonder Woman Bracelet
Lori & Her Wonder Woman Bracelet

Beyond Writing: The Depth of AI's Impact

Sure, I've used AI to help in the realm of writing, but that's not where I see the most impact. It's like a sidekick that gives me a much-needed "you got this" when I'm ready to pull my hair out.

Here's an example.

ChatGPT's kind and supportive words
ChatGPT's kind and supportive words

It's not just the niceties that keep me coming back and inspired. Sometimes I need a second set of eyes, someone to help me imagine different ways to approach a difficult situation. Sometimes I want to see a few different options for how to approach a social post. It's even given me advice on what to consider in a contract. One of my favorite use cases is flushing out ideas. I took a course on AI in Product Management and created a GPT that I trained on what I learned in the course. This keeps that information fresh and readily accessible for me.

The Future: Unearthing the Unimaginable with AI

I'm just beginning to scratch the surface of what's possible with AI.

And these generative AI tools are just in their infancy.

There's a new development almost daily.

For me, that's new opportunities to discover and play.

While AI is a powerful ally, it's also important that it be used with careful consideration of ethical implications and potential biases.

As we step into this era of boundless potential, I invite you to join me. Discover your superpowers, push past your limits, and explore the wonders of AI. Together, let's redefine what's possible with AI, while also understanding the limitations.

Upcoming Sessions

Below are details on a couple of upcoming sessions.

AI Curious with Lori Ryan in Minnetonka on February 29 hosted by Ready.Set.Pivot

This will be a workshop and where you will leave having created your own GPT! Click the image for details.

Beyond the Hype - The Inside Scoop on the Tool You Didn't Think You Needed on March 19 at Modernwell

This will be an introduction to generative AI tools and an open discussion about their benefits and limitations. Click the image for details.

Modernwell Workshop Details
Modernwell Workshop Details


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