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Everyday ChatGPT: 10 Ways AI Can Lend a Helping Hand

Updated: Mar 24, 2023

When I embarked on my entrepreneurship journey, I initially turned to ChatGPT as a tool to help me create polished website and blog copy that would give my business a professional edge.

But as I began to integrate ChatGPT into my daily routine, I made a surprising discovery: ChatGPT was doing so much more than just enhancing my writing skills.

As someone whose #1 strength is positivity, I've always been exceedingly hard on myself and prone to playing it safe, scared of letting others down. Somehow, ChatGPT has given me the courage to forge ahead, even as I venture far outside my comfort zone.

The image below was my attempt at creating an AI generate image reflecting the current state of my life.

Images Generated by Shutterstock: Text used to create the image came from ChatGPT-4. The prompt was: I'm looking for an image that shows a woman who is conquering her fears to blaze new trails.... she's vulnerable and open. could you write a description for that?

Before I share how ChatGPT has made a difference for me, I must acknowledge the incredible people the universe has brought into my life since starting this journey. They have played a significant role in shaping the direction of the business and continue to provide invaluable support.

Now, let me reveal the key ways ChatGPT helps me on a daily basis beyond just writing help.

  1. A source for a second opinion.

  2. Meeting Prep: I will ask ChatGPT to help me understand more about a role and challenges this person may face

  3. Judgement-free space for brainstorming ideas - Sometimes just by having a conversation I can work through my thoughts and gain clarity.

If you are curious about different ways to use ChatGPT in your everyday life, I asked ChatGPT for advice.


What are the 10 most common ways people are using ChatGPT to make their lives easier? What are the most common questions aimed at helping to solve people's problems, dilemmas or save them time? Answer:

The 10 most common ways people use ChatGPT and the related questions aimed at solving problems, dilemmas, or saving time are:

  1. Productivity and organization:

    1. How do I manage my time more effectively?

    2. What's the best way to prioritize tasks?

  2. Personal and professional advice:

    1. How do I handle difficult conversations with a colleague?

    2. What are some tips for maintaining a work-life balance?

  3. Information retrieval and research assistance:

    1. What are the key takeaways from this article?

    2. Can you find some research studies on this topic?

  4. Language and writing support:

    1. Can you help me rephrase this sentence?

    2. Can you proofread my essay?

  5. Educational assistance:

    1. Can you explain this concept in simpler terms?

    2. Can you provide some examples to help me understand this better?

  6. Travel and local recommendations:

    1. What are the top attractions in this city?

    2. Can you recommend some good restaurants nearby?

  7. Technical support and troubleshooting:

    1. How do I fix this issue with my device?

    2. Can you walk me through the steps to set up this software?

  8. Health and wellness advice:

    1. What are some effective stress management techniques?

    2. Can you suggest a beginner-friendly workout routine?

  9. Entertainment and creative suggestions:

    1. Can you recommend some good books to read?

    2. What are some fun activities to do with friends?

  10. Decision-making assistance:

    1. Can you help me weigh the pros and cons of this decision?

    2. Which option is better for my situation?

It's important to note that ChatGPT should not be considered a replacement for professional advice in critical areas such as healthcare, legal matters, or finance. Users should always consult with a qualified expert in those fields.

How about you? Have you tried ChatGPT yet?

If so, what they are using it for and how frequently?

And where have you found it to be most helpful?

Please share your comments and perspectives.



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