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ChatGPT: I'm doing it all wrong!

By now, who hasn't heard about using ChatGPT and generative AI tools to help make you more efficient. You can automate this and that. Personally, this is causing a huge internal struggle for me. Yes, these tools leveraged by so many to save time are actually costing me extra time. Why is that you ask?

I take the jumbled thoughts in my head, I type them into ChatGPT and ask the bot to help make my writing better. I give it specific instructions on what tone I want, friendly, conversational, humorous, satirical, you name it.

Guess what, ChatGPT typically spits out something so good, there's no way in the world I could claim it as my own.

So then I go back and send another message to ChatGPT, telling the bot pretty much, excellent work but it's a no-go. It's too good. It's too clever, it sounds so intelligent, that it's definitely not anything that would come from my head or mouth.

Seriously, what I'm doing makes absolutely no sense!

I think that's why I'm so excited about the new feature, ChatGPT Shared Links, introduced by OpenAI and rolling out to all users including those on the free version.

To me, this has the potential to be the Great Transparency Feature. It's like opening up the backstage to everyone, revealing the puppet strings, and showing who's really pulling them.

Curious how this post would have looked if I copied and pasted from ChatGPT?

"'s causing me more internal struggles than a reality TV star deciding whether to accept the final rose. Why? Because it's actually, paradoxically, munching up my time.

Yes, I use ChatGPT. I sit there, coffee in hand, unloading my brain's random musings into it. It's like a confession booth for my thoughts.

Then I ask the question: "ChatGPT, can you make this mess look pretty?" And oh, does it deliver. It takes my thoughts and returns a polished masterpiece that's so sparklingly eloquent, I feel like I'm reading a novel written by the love child of Hemingway and J.K. Rowling.

Here's the problem: It's too good. Like, 'there's-no-way-I-wrote-this' good. So, I have to keep telling my AI assistant, "Dumb it down, make it sound like me, not the world's most articulate robot." We go back and forth, back and forth, until I've spent more time editing than writing.

You see, if my name's on it, it needs to sound like me. Authenticity matters, right? So here's a big question: Should I just stick with my gut and let my own words fly, sans the AI's input?

So, how about you? Is anyone else doing the ChatGPT tango, or are you gliding along with no hiccups? Or maybe you're using the new sharing feature to show just how much your AI buddy contributes to your work?"

That gave you a flavor, and because I'm all about full transparency, here's a link to the conversation. that's behind the creation of this post.

Talk to me! What are your thoughts on leveraging ChatGPT for writing, articles, blogs, you name it? Should attribution to ChatGPT be required or links to conversations?

What do you think? Make sure to comment with your perspectives. I believe these are important conversations as our world continues to grapple with the ethical use of AI.

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