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Channeling 'Lessons in Chemistry' in AI: A Vision for Elizabeth Zott-Inspired Bots

It's November, and I'm feeling oh so thankful. Thankful for the usual suspects – family, friends, health and happiness. But this year, I'm adding a couple of extra guests to my gratitude dinner table: the sparkling new ChatGPT features and my latest TV crush, Apple TV's “Lessons in Chemistry.”

Hold that thought about my TV obsession, because first, let's talk tech.

“What's this new GPT thing?” you might ask? It's OpenAI's latest tool available to paid subscribers where you get a magic wand to conjure up your own custom bot.

And guess what? You don't need a college degree or even a high school diploma to get it to work. Seriously, all you need is an imagination.

For me, I thought wouldn't it be nice if I had a 24/7 cheerleader. Being an entrepreneur is hard. Editing and re-editing this blog felt like being stuck in a hamster wheel of overthinking. That's when I created my first custom bot, Empower Maven.

Here's a behind the scenes look at how Empower Maven came to life. All of the instructions you see in the image below came from yours truly. I get a smile just from rereading them. When you tell ChatGPT swearing is encouraged you get "tasteful swearing".

As far as the steps I followed to create this bot.

  1. Told the bot what I wanted.

  2. Tested how it worked in a preview pane.

  3. Reviewed the results.

  4. Provided feedback like, "too boring, not sassy enough."

  5. Retested (a few more times)

Empower Maven Behind the Scenes
Empower Maven Behind the Scenes

In production, here's what Empower Maven looks like.

This week it was a lifesaver with a great tip to help me unravel my jumbled spaghetti brain of ideas into something digestible. Empower Maven crowned me a "Word Warrior." Hey, I'm not complaining!

Empower Maven at Work
Empower Maven at Work

Next up I needed a boss. Not just any boss. I wanted a kinder, gentler reflection of myself - one less critical, less fearful.

I can't tell you how many tasks I've avoided or delayed out of fear of judgment. Here's where my second bot comes in, Entrepreneurial Guide, whose job it is to keep me on track, boldly facing tasks I'm challenged to complete.

AI generated image of an Entrepreneurial Guide user like myself
AI generated image of an Entrepreneurial Guide user like myself

What's the secret sauce behind Entrepreneurial Guide? I love that it addresses the user as badass entrepreneur.

Behind the scenes of Entrepreneurial Guide
Behind the scenes of Entrepreneurial Guide

And here's an example of how it told me to prioritize my week.

Entrepreneurial Guide at Work
Entrepreneurial Guide at Work

By the time you read this, I will have finally stopped second-guessing the contents of this blog, and I will have hit 'Publish'.

As you are reading this, I'm doing a Happy Dance.

Task #1, consider yourself conquered.

With a couple of bots under my belt, I like to think this bot breakout story is just getting started. I'd be thrilled if you'd take these bots for a spin and share your thoughts. It's important to note, you'll need be on the paid OpenAI plan to do so. And hey, if you're itching to build your own bot, I would love to help you start. There are some important things to consider around who could have access to the information you use to train it. And I can walk you through that.

Before I sign off, let me share why I'm so fascinated with the character of Elizabeth Zott from “Lessons in Chemistry”. She embodies the courage, intellect, and boldness I aspire to in my own journey.

Elizabeth doesn't just walk the path less traveled – she blazes it. Her belief in her own skills, her sheer refusal to be boxed in by others' expectations, and her intense dedication to her work hits home. She's a shining example for anyone who’s ever wanted to boldly be themselves and stand strong in their own value. Seeing her, I'm reminded of what I aim for – to have the guts to be different, to own my uniqueness, and to chase after my goals with everything I've got, AI and all.

Imagining a conversation with her, I asked ChatGPT: What would Elizabeth Zott say to Lori about her mission with Lorignite?

Lori, your journey with Lorignite is not merely a venture; it's a pivotal step in transforming how the world perceives and interacts with AI. Every significant scientific breakthrough began as a hypothesis. Your mix of journalism's storytelling prowess and technological savvy is a unique formula for success. As you work to unravel AI's mysteries, remember, pioneers like you pave the way for a future that's more informed and empowered. The foundation you lay today is a stepping stone for tomorrow's advancements.

And with those words of imagined wisdom from my role model, I'm off to tweak Empower Maven to channel a bit of Elizabeth Zott's spirit. Because who wouldn't want a dash of her directness in their life? If you’re feeling inspired or just have thoughts to share, drop a comment below. Click the heart if this made you smile, and don’t forget to follow for more adventures in ChatGPT and beyond. Let’s keep talking and learning from one another!


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