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Artificial Intelligence through the eyes of Last Week Tonight Host, John Oliver

This episode of Last Week Tonight with John Oliver is a must-watch in my opinion.

The material is brilliant. The episode showcased some fascinating and sometimes hilarious examples of AI in action, including robots being trained as therapists, AI writing news stories, and a hilarious prompt to generate lyrics for a rap song about cats.

With his signature blend of humor and insight, Oliver explored the potential and pitfalls of this transformative technology, leaving viewers both entertained and informed.

One topic where I paid especially close attention was the impact AI could have on certain careers such as copywriters and lawyers.

My son is just finishing his first year of law school and couldn't help but think about how this could radically change how attorneys work.

Here are some other comments from Twitter that sprung up after the episode.

Many viewers also expressed their appreciation for the in-depth research and reporting that went into the episode, which included interviews with experts. Overall, the Last Week Tonight with John Oliver episode on artificial intelligence sparked important discussions and raised awareness about the potential benefits and risks of this rapidly-evolving technology.

Have you seen it yet? Curious to hear what you think! Please comment.


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