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2023 Thanksgiving Gratitude List

It's hard to admit, but I haven't always been a fan of Thanksgiving. To me, gratitude was a daily practice, not something to be saved for a particular date on the calendar.

Not to mention, I don't eat turkey!

But this year I have a new attitude and can finally see why holidays like Thanksgiving matter so much. Work schedules, activities, long distances can all make family gatherings nearly impossible.

Thanksgiving provides the framework and permission we need to pause, to come together and reflect on what truly matters.

This morning, with a newfound excitement for the Thanksgiving spirit, I collaborated with ChatGPT to craft a gratitude list in the format of a poem.

Sharing thanks through poetry

Hey, let's talk about this year, 2023, Kind of a wild ride, but here's what it meant to me. Family first, always there, steady as the tide, Parents, sons, cousins - right by my side.

Old pals, you know, they're like gold, Laughing and dancing, never gets old. A safe home, through storms and long nights, And our health, shining like a guiding light.

Leaning into the realm of AI, sure was something new, But you know what? It’s the people that got me through. Every new face, a story, a lesson to learn, Human conversations, life’s real treasures I discern.

Sunrises and sunsets, nature’s daily art, Good sleeps, waking up fresh, ready for a new start. My little sister from Big Brothers Big Sisters, she's a blast, Teaching me that joy, like childhood, can always last.

And walks - sometimes alone, sometimes with friends, Or with a podcast, where the mind bends and extends. Just thinking, talking, living life in stride, In every moment, finding peace or a guide.

So, here's my list, just talking to you, For all these things, my gratitude's true. In this dance of a year, with all its twists and turns, It's the simple, real stuff where my heart yearns.

That's my poem for 2023.

I thought it fitting to share that on Thanksgiving eve, the sunset sky was a work of art. And I'm grateful I happened to be in a place at that moment with such an incredible view.

Thanksgiving eve  2023 - Spectacular Minnesota Sunset  - Cotton Candy Sky
Thanksgiving eve 2023 - Spectacular Minnesota Sunset - Cotton Candy Sky

What would your gratitude poem look like? Why not take a few minutes and write your own personal gratitude poem. You don't need the paid version of ChatGPT to do it. Just type in some phrases about your year, the ups and downs, memorable experiences or moments. If you like the output you could even share with your family at your Thanksgiving feast. If you do collaborate with ChatGPT or a generative AI tool like it, you can ask for the poem to be serious or humorous, conversational or formal. You could ask for a limerick or a sonnet or just anything poetic.

Would love to hear how your gratitude poems turn out! Feel free to add them in the comments.


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