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Human Touch

Lori isn't just about AI and tech. She's a mom, a storyteller, and someone who finds joy in helping others. Her approach to AI is human-centric, focusing on how it can enhance lives, improve businesses, and ensure no one is left behind in this rapid age of digital transformation. Lori's mission has always been clear: make AI accessible, understandable, and human-centric. With Lorignite, AI isn't a distant concept—it's a tool for amplifying human potential.

Our Vision

To foster a world where AI literacy is universally accessible, regardless of background, profession, or school district, ensuring every individual has the exposure and understanding needed to thrive in the future workforce.

Our Mission

Empowering individuals and businesses with the foundational knowledge of AI, crafting clear narratives that demystify complex technologies. We're not just providing information; we're building relationships, nurturing curiosity, and planting seeds of understanding that grow with the ever-evolving landscape of AI.

Our Values

  • Integrity: Genuine recommendations over profit.

  • Empathy: A foundation of genuine love for helping others.

  • Curiosity: Lifelong learners always exploring.

  • Collaboration: Building relationships, not just clientele.

  • Respect: Every voice matters.

  • Open-mindedness: Adaptable and ready to evolve.

"I LOVED that we actually had hands on with ChatGPT. That brought the subject matter close. I also liked that open dialog was “allowed” which enhanced the level of learning."

"Very informative and Lori is so approachable and has the ability to incorporate vast learning styles for diverse participants."

"Lori did a great job of sharing info with us as well as effectively facilitating robust discussions. Lori also incorporated experiential learning by guiding us through Chat gpt on our smartphones."

"This was 100% new information for me so I felt the interactive part was very valuable"

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