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Founder and CEO, Lori Ryan

Lori Ryan, an Emmy-winning journalist turned AI enthusiast, brings a refreshing blend of storytelling, technology, and boundless curiosity. Her journey from the bustling newsrooms of television to the intricate world of IT project management has provided her with a unique lens through which she views the transformative power of AI.

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Lori's road to Lorignite could have never been predicted even by AI!

Newsroom Maven

"An Emmy-winning journalist and producer, Lori immersed herself in the fast-paced world of local TV news, curating stories that resonated with the masses."

Retail Executive & Innovator

"Lori pivoted  into the retail sector, mastering inventory management and streamlining business processes. Her keen eye for efficiency and optimization helped her family business scale."

Mobile App Pioneer

"In the budding era of iPhone apps around 2010-2011, Lori co-scripted and conceptualized 'The Adventures of Super Stretch Yoga' app. Her innovative mindset helped the App to be recognized as new and noteworthy."

Global Collaborator in IT

"Broadening her horizons, Lori at SIRVA bridged continents. She helmed global IT projects and nurtured partnerships from Brazil to the Middle East, Europe and Asia, marking her indelible footprint in the global tech arena."

Weathering the Storm

"At WeatherNation TV, Inc., Lori was more than just a strategist — she was a relationship builder. She forged crucial partnerships with storm chasers and local TV affiliates, bolstering the network's coverage and reach. In the infancy of platforms like Roku, Lori and team championed the benefits of getting local news content on over-the-top (OTT) platforms like Roku, helping to usher them into the promising digital frontier."

Saas & Security

"Lori's tech-adventures continued at Plus Relocation where she led SaaS projects with an emphasis on security. Her collaborative spirit was acknowledged with the Values in Action Award."
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